Ethiopia Plans to Plant 4 Billion Trees this year!

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Is it possible? It is good to know that nations are now taking seriously their deforestation problem but planting four (4) billion trees in a single year is just too far an imagination.

Is it possible?

It is not that i am against planting new trees to make up for the lost forest cover, but i want to remain realistic. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has taken this commendable yet very far stretched initiative. He announced it on May 26th of this year and it was to begin in the rainy season which is going on right now. But can they make it happen is a question which is rattling in my mind.

Let us be honest with our selves, billion is a very big number even when it comes to counting let alone doing a work which needs a systematic process. And here we are not doing a process for once twice or thrice but doing it four billion times. The government of Ethiopia has already announced that it has planted 2.6 billion tress out of the 4 billions trees it has planned to plant. If this is true then hats off to the Ethiopians for making the seemingly impossible possible. It would be very interesting to see an independent source confirming this claim.

Ethiopia is suffering from negative impacts of climate change such as droughts. Being a developing country it depends largely upon its agriculture. As per reports, Ethiopia lost 2 million animals due to drought in 2017. Hence, it would be beneficial for Ethiopia to plant more trees to help mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

Suffering from negative impacts of climate change.

I assume that you are aware of this simple equation of climate change which in lay mans language is that carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere makes the atmosphere warmer, so in order to cool down the atmosphere we need to extract the excess CO2 by planting more trees as trees absorb CO2 and make carbon a part of it self in the form of wood.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere makes the atmosphere warmer .

I sincerely wish the Ethiopian Government to succeed in this initiate, yet i am cynical as it is a daunting task to grow those many saplings in nurseries, shift them to sites, dig holes at the sight, plant them, water them, look after them so that they may survive and become the trees as we want to see them.

Ethiopia ranks third in the roll of honor for planted trees, it has planted 1.7 billion trees so far. Which shows that it has the experience and expertise to undertake such a project but still the numbers do not sum up well as we are comparing 1.7 billion trees planted so far against the aim of planting 4 billion trees in a single year.

Planted 1.7 billion trees so far.

This Monday that is 29th July 2019, Ethiopia is set to make a new world record of planting 200 million trees in a single day. Its eyes are set to break the world record of India which it made in a single day by planting 66 million saplings.

Planting 200 million trees in a single day.

In the end i would like to say that i really want to see this undertaking as being fulfilled but without proper planning planting these many trees would be very difficult if not impossible. If you have any comments, questions or opinions in this regard you may write in the comments section below.

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