10 interesting Historical facts of Ice Cream: National Ice Cream Day

10 Historical Facts of Ice Cream

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The month of July is National Ice Cream month and 15th July is National Ice Cream Day so we thought to share some historic Ice Cream related facts. Ice Cream was once a food for elite and it took centuries for this delicacy to be a house hold name. Although exact origins of this food are still disputed but we have certain clues which show the spread of this delicious food. Enjoy reading 10 interesting historical facts of Ice Cream.

Fact # 1: The Chinese Connection:

A Chinese Girl
(Image Courtesy pxhere.com)

In 200-BC Chinese made ice-cream by freezing a mixture of milk and rice in snow.

Fact # 2: Roman Kings Loved it!

Roman Square Temple
(Image Courtesy Wikimedia)

Roman Kings also used to send their slaves to mountain tops to bring back snow which was then flavored and used as an early form of ice cream.

Fact # 3: The King Of England was secretive about its recipe!

King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria
(Image Courtesy Wikimedia)

In 17th Century, King Charles I of England used to pay £500 to his chef to keep the recipe of Ice Cream Secret.

Fact # 4: Marco Polo brought it to Italy

Marco Polo in Tatare Dress
(Image Courtesy Wikimedia common)

Marco Polo is believed to have introduced Ice Cream in to Italy from China.

Fact # 5: President George Washington spent a fortune on it!

President George Washington
(Image Courtesy publicdomainpictures.net)

President George Washington of the United States of America, spent approximately $200 on ice cream during the summer of 1790.

Fact # 6: Thomas Jefferson indulged in recipe making!

President Thomas Jefferson
(Image Courtesy Wikimedia common)

President Thomas Jefferson had his own recipe of Ice-cream.

Fact # 7: Only the Rich could afford it!

Ice Cream
(Image Courtesy Wikimedia Common)

Until 1800s, Ice Cream was a food enjoyed exclusively by the rich and elite.

Fact # 8: Industrial Revolution made it a accessible to everyone:

Wenham Lake Ice Company
(Image Courtesy Flickr)

Industrial production of Ice Cream started in Baltimore United Sates in 1851, which made Ice Cream a common food delicacy as we know it today.

Fact # 9: Mass use by American Troops in WWII:

American Troops during WW2
(Image Courtesy history.navy.mil)

Ice Cream was used by American troops to boost up their morale in the second world war.

Fact # 10: President Reagan nominated an month for Ice Cream:

Official Portrait of President Reagan
(Image Courtesy Wikipedia)

On 9 July, 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared month of July as National Ice Cream month and 15th July as the national Ice Cream Day, with Presidential Proclamation 5219

From elite to the poor, Ice Creams puts smile on the face of everyone who enjoys it. It is a food of celebration and associated with good memories. Do you like Ice Cream? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know what do you want to read from us in the future. Happy Ice Cream month.

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